SI All-American Candidate Aminu Mohammed Highlights and Evaluation

Aminu Mohammed is a shooting guard prospect from Greenwood Laboratory in Springfield, Mo. Mohammed is an SI All-American candidate.
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Prospect: SG Aminu Mohammed
Projected Position: SG
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-4, 175 pounds
School: Springfield (Mo.) Greenwood Laboratory
College: Georgetown

Frame: Lean, muscular build will continue to add muscle as he levels up.

Athleticism: Elite athlete who uses speed and quickness to get to points on the floor, which create for himself and his teammates. Mohammed is super agile and shifty with a blow-by first step making him a devastating defensive assignment.

Instincts: The game comes easy to Mohammed and he typically picks his spots well on the offensive end, never forcing the issue and playing under control, whether he’s dishing off to a teammate, dominating the glass or scoring on any of the three levels with equal efficiency. 

Polish: Mohammed is a natural-born scorer with the mentality that accompanies the label. For the last two seasons, he’s averaged more than 34 points a game and led his high school team to a state title once. 

Bottom Line: Mohammed is the type of player who will impact the game even if he’s having an off night, and he doesn’t typically have those. Think Gilbert Arenas as a scorer. Also, for the last two high school seasons, Mohammed has averaged 17 rebounds a game. His tenacious nature on both ends of the floor will continue to make his stock go up and he’ll be a household name at the next level and potentially beyond.