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SI All-American Candidate Daeshun Ruffin Highlights and Evaluation

Daeshun Ruffin is a point guard prospect from Callaway High School in Jackson, Miss. Ruffin is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: PG Daeshun Ruffin
Projected Position: PG
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 5-foot-9, 175 pounds
School: Jackson (Miss.) Callaway
Committed to: Ole Miss

Frame: Lean, muscular build that will continue to fill out at the next level and beyond. 

Athleticism: Ruffin is a quick and shifty lead guard who thrives using his jerky quickness to get past the first line of defense and score on the last two levels. Harmon’s first step is devastating and his strength in the lane allows him to finish through contact. 

Instincts: Ruffin is adept at recognizing situational matchup advantages all over the court and exploits them. He has elite vision and makes great reads in both the halfcourt and transition. He’s ambidextrous, which makes him even harder to stop on drives and finishes, and is masterful at hanging in the air and drawing contact before finishing the play. 

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Polish: Even though Ruffin likes to play fast, you’re just not going to speed him up if the situation doesn’t call for it. He’s always in control of the tempo and leverages that skill to his advantage. Ruffin is a gifted passer and brings high intensity on the defensive end, hounding guards all over the floor and playing passing lanes like a veteran free safety. 

Bottom Line: Ruffin is a smaller guard and seems to have the mindset that he’s intent on proving that his lack of size isn’t a hindrance to his dominance, a proverbial chip that only enhances all of the tools he possesses. Ruffin scores efficiently on all three levels, locks up defensively and passes efficiently. Think a smaller Damian Lillard, mentality and all.