The Elijah Fisher Blog: Quarantine Chef, Recruitment, Garage Workouts and More

Elijah Fisher

Elijah Fisher is on a shortlist to claim “top freshman in the country” with the early NBA Draft buzz that accompanies the hype. This season he’s averaging 30 points and 14 rebounds a game at Crestwood Prep College (Toronto) after pumping in 35 points and 15 rebounds a game last summer with Grassroots Elite (Canada). Now, Fisher has agreed to give SI All-American exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up world, it’s Elijah Fisher with another blog for Sports Illustrated.

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The quarantine has been tough for sure, but I’m starting to get chances to get to the gym and get work in there. I’ve still been working hard every day, but with the gyms being closed down I’ve had to be a lot more creative, so I’ve been using cones and shoes to do drills. I work out in my garage and I have a goal so I’m able to get shots up.

It’s not too bad, but I would prefer the gym of course!

I think the thing I miss most about summer ball is just the travel and the bonds I have with my teammates. We have long road trips, in and out of hotels joking around and playing ball.

Nothing like it.

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I’ve actually grown a little in this time off, I’m about 6-7 now and I weigh about 215 pounds.

I learn about the schools that are offering me and interested in me through my coach because the college coaches can’t reach out to me yet.

The schools that have been reaching out are Oregon, Ole Miss, Memphis, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, Seton Hall, South Carolina and USC. There are other schools that are waiting until I start my sophomore year to really start to recruit me or offer too.

All of those things are cool; they show me that my hard work is paying off and it really just makes me want to get out and get some work in so I can get more and more offers.

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In this time that I’ve been home and having more and more free time I can really say that I’m growing more spiritually. I pray a lot more and I’ve become even closer to God. That’s something I’m proud of.

Other than that, I just hang out with my family and watch movies with my little brother.

We finish school on June 12.

It’s been an adjustment since everything is online, but I feel like I handled it pretty well. My grades have been really high throughout the quarantine so I’m looking forward to getting my report card.

I watched “The Last Dance” series and, to me, it really just shows why MJ the GOAT.

At the end of episode seven he teared up talking about why he plays the way that he plays you could see the passion.

I feel like I’ll take away the leadership he had and how he held his teammates accountable. That’s so big and that’s something that I haven’t been doing, but I plan to start to do it more after seeing him do it.

Oh, I’ve gotta tell you guys that I’ve started cooking!

This quarantine has made me step up my game in the kitchen and I feel like the food is pretty good!

I cooked curry goat, steamed broccoli, white rice and macaroni and cheese and everyone loved it.

OK guys, that’s all for this one!

I’ll be back soon with another one.

Stay safe everybody!

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