The Gabe Dorsey Blog: This is Why I Chose Vanderbilt...

Dorsey picked the Commodores over Penn State, Wake Forest, Xavier, Harvard, Providence and others.
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Gabe Dorsey committed to Vanderbilt over Penn State, Wake Forest, Xavier, Harvard, Providence, Virginia Tech and Miami. The rising senior shooting guard from The Hill School (Pottstown, Penn.) averaged 15 points, five rebounds and made a program record 78 threes this past season. He wrote an exclusive blog with SI All-American about the thought process behind his decision.  

What’s up everybody, it’s Gabe Dorsey and as you can see, I just committed to Vanderbilt!

I’m very excited about my commitment and I’m ready to get to Nashville next year!

When it came to my decision, it was really important for me and my family to make a decision based on academics and basketball, and I just felt like Vanderbilt was the best of both worlds for me.

Being able to play for Coach (Jerry) Stackhouse is big.

His resume and all of his years in the league is something that I know I’ll benefit from; not a lot of players will get to experience that from their head coach. I feel like I’m going to learn so much from him.

Our relationship has grown a lot in all of the conversations that we’ve had.

Plus, I’m close with the assistants too.

Just hearing his plan and vision for me was something that stuck out. Then the academic reputation that they have there is top notch.

Those two things combined made this a no-brainer for me.

It’s everything that I’m looking for in a school. I know that I would’ve been very foolish to pass up on this.

It was hard to decide in this COVID-19 pandemic because we couldn’t travel for officials.

I really wanted to see the campus so a few weeks ago my parents made the 10-hour drive to Nashville to see it.

Once I saw the campus, I knew!

I got the staff together on FaceTime and told them and they were all very excited. Coach Stack took a huge sigh of relief and one of the assistants told me that he was yelling with excitement.

To have that reaction from him just further let’s me know that I’m at the right place.

I’m really excited to join Peyton Daniels in the backcourt. It’ll be great to build that relationship with him on and off the court.

I’m extremely relieved to have this decision out of the way. The phone calls were getting to be a bit much at the end, but it’s over now and I’m happy.

OK, everybody well I’ve got to get going; I wanted to let you all into my thought process on why I chose Vandy.

Anchor down and let’s go Commodores!

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