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SI All-American Candidate Harrison Ingram Highlights and Evaluation

Harrison Ingram is a small forward prospect from Saint Mark's School of Texas in Dallas, Texas. Ingram is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: SF Harrison Ingram
Projected Position: SF
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-6, 210 pounds
School: Dallas (Texas) Saint Mark's School of Texas
Committed to: Stanford

Frame: Lean, muscular build that will continue to fill out at the next level and beyond. 

Athleticism: Ingram’s first-step hesitation move freezes defenders for the split-second he needs to get the defender on his hip and then it’s over. Ingram has deceptive speed which allows him to get where he needs on the court, as well as a seven-foot wingspan that allows him to dominate both ends.

Instincts: Ingram thrives as a playmaker for himself and his teammates. He has the ability to run an offense and create in the halfcourt and in transition. Ingram thrives in the mental aspect of the game; his high hoops IQ is the main reason he’s able to dominate games. 

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Polish: Ingram plays poised and never allows the defense to speed him up. He has a nice pace at everything he does on the court and tends to shine brighter as the stakes rise throughout the game. 

Bottom Line: Ingram is just a player; put him on the floor and get out of the way. Good luck trying to keep him at one position because he has the size and length to play almost all of them effectively. Ingram had big games against elite upperclassmen as a junior, and his confidence has only gotten stronger as a result. Buy stock in Ingram’s ascension in the 2021 class.