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SI All-American Candidate Keon Edwards Highlights and Evaluation

Keon Edwards is a small forward prospect from Hillcrest Prep in Phoenix, Ariz. Edwards is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: SF Keon Edwards
Projected Position: Small Forward
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-7, 185 pounds
School: Phoenix (Ariz.) Hillcrest Prep
Committed to: DePaul

Frame: Lean frame with room to add and develop muscle at the next level.

Athleticism: Edwards gets where he needs to on the court because of his quickness and agility. He’s not the player that’s going dunk over multiple defenders through contact, but he’s going to get to his spots and be efficient once there.

Instincts: Edwards is a scorer and knows how and when to get his shot. He’s adept at creating space off the dribble and thrives as a catch-and-shoot marksman from NBA range. Edwards’ specialty is knocking down contested shots, which speaks to his elite level of concentration on the offensive end. 

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Polish: Edwards doesn’t force plays and plays at his own pace. He has a high basketball IQ, which helps him to excel as a big-time shooter. He moves well without the ball and knows how to get open on the wing. 

Bottom Line: Edwards’ ability to knock down shots from all over the floor makes him a dangerous player on the court at all times. At DePaul, that’s what will keep him on the floor and give him the best chance to excel going forward.