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Mookie Cook is one of the most dominant prospects in the 2023 class with Gonzaga, Kansas, Auburn Duke, Arizona, Kentucky and Memphis, among many others, all giving chase. Fresh off a dominant summer, Cook, a 6-foot-7 wing at Compass Prep (Chandler, Ariz.), has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling intimate details about his life on and off the court in a blog.

What’s good y’all, this is Mookie Cook kicking off my new blog with Sports Illustrated to give you a look into what my life is like on and off the court.

A lot of you guys may know that I’m a AZ Compass Prep this year and we’re just finishing up our fall league. We looked really good!

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That was kinda the beginning of us molding and shaping the team that we’re gonna be. I feel like the second two games we were looking a little shakier. We still won both by 40, but it wasn’t the way we wanted to play. It was a really good lesson for us though, and it’s good to learn these things early.

Cook joins a star-studded lineup at AZ Compass Prep this season. (Photo: Cook)

Cook joins a star-studded lineup at AZ Compass Prep this season. (Photo: Cook)

I feel like our practices have a great gel to them. We all get along and we have really good chemistry.

The practices end up being tougher than the games because everyone is elite.

That really makes you raise your level of grind and that’s what’s gonna make you great.

We all love the grind!

My recruitment has been going good!

I recently got offers from Gonzaga, Creighton, Maryland and Illinois. I already had offers from Oregon, Washington, UCLA, Texas Tech, USC, Arizona, Auburn, Kansas, Arizona State, Memphis and Cal. Then Duke and Kentucky have been picking up their interest more and more.

I’m still in the stage where it’s still exciting to me!

This is the dream! I take it all in and realize that it’s a blessing to be in this position.

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I haven’t taken any visits, but I’m gonna get out to some schools in the next couple weeks.

I’ll let you know when I know!

As far as my recruitment, I don’t really know when I’ll be ready to commit. I feel like I’m one of those guys who would probably commit going into my senior year. I could potentially drop a list at the end of this year or something; we’ll see!

Being at a new school has been great! All of the teachers are really helpful and they make sure that we’re understanding and getting all the help that we need.

My favorite subject is probably English right now.

OK, well musically, I’ve been listening to Meek’s album, Wale, No Cap, Drake and YoungBoy.

When I have time, I like to play Call of Duty!

People may be shocked to know that I’m a real gamer. I’m really, really good!

I have over 100 wins in the warzone games, my KD is at 1.5 and all of that!

I do this! Haha!

Alright y’all, I’m about to get hit the lab, but I’ll be back in a couple weeks for the next blog!

Until then stay safe and thanks again for reading!

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