NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – Nick Smith Jr. has the skill set and the resume to back up his standing as one of the top players in the 2022 class, what he does not have in his extensive repertoire is an ego.

So, when coaches from Kentucky, Kansas, Alabama, North Carolina and Arkansas, among many others, park courtside at his games this week during Peach Jam, they’re extra motivated to land the 6-foot-5 scoring guard who’s buys in to the old “no ‘I’ in team’ cliché.

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“I’m not the guy who wants all the shots coming in my first year,” Smith said. “I want to win more than anything. I want to grow on and off the court.”

Smith’s game has consistently ascended all summer, averaging 19.4 points, five rebounds and four assists a game for Brad Beal Elite (Mo.).

He’s continued to flourish this week at Peach Jam as an efficient three-level scorer and playmaker, pumping in 17.1 points a game despite playing alongside fellow top player Brandon Miller.

“I love playing with other talented players,” Smith said. “I think that pushes everyone to be better, so, of course, at the next level I’d love to be surrounded with talent. I love to compete.”

Smith has already taken visits to Alabama, Auburn, Georgetown and Kansas.

He plans to take visits to Arkansas on Sept. 11 and Oklahoma on Sept. 18; he’s also in the process of setting a date for a visit to North Carolina.

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“I just want coaches to be real and honest,” Smith said. “I’m not the guy who’s looking for the biggest NIL checks. I have a really good relationship with the coaches recruiting me, so I’m getting a lot of information so I can make the best decision. After I take my last visit, I feel like I’ll know. After taking a bunch of different visits I know what I’m looking for, and I don’t want to draw it out. It’ll be sometime after my last visit in September for sure though.”