NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – After 12 days at the Nike EYBL and Peach Jam with, top to bottom, the best collection of high school talent in the world, multiple stars had shining moments, others underwent growing pains but most dabbled between a combination of the two.

To that end, we braved the impossible task of zeroing in on 12 of the most consistent players in North Augusta.

To be clear, there were more, but this batch caught our eyes for a multitude of different reasons.

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Cason Wallace, Pro Skills (Texas), PG, 2022

Why he stood out: Wallace was the all-everything player for Pro Skills, igniting the offense with his ferocious intensity, playmaking ability and impeccable instincts. Wallace averaged 15.7 points, seven rebounds, 5.6 assists and 1.3 steals a game during Nike EYBL play and led Pro Skills to a perfect 7-0 record. Wallace doubles as a defensive star, hounding opposing guards for 94 feet and disrupting their offense with his pressure. Wallace is the best two-way point guard in the class.

Jalen Duren, Team Final (Penn.), F, 2022

Why he stood out: Duren continued the dominant tear he’s been on for the last year, overpowering frontcourts and finishing with authority at the rim. Duren shares the frontcourt with Dereck Lively, but managed to make his mark in every game, averaging 14.3 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks a game in Nike EYBL play and pumped in 17 points, 10 rebounds and three assists to lead Team Final to the Peach Jam title. Duren solidified his standing as the country’s top big and made another step toward the top spot overall.

Dereck Lively, Team Final (Penn.), C, 2022

Why he stood out: Lively showed off his versatility on the offensive end, stepping out and comfortably knocking down perimeter shots while managing his customary paint dominance. Lively’s motor remained in overdrive all week in North Augusta, deflecting passes, finishing plays and erasing five shots a game.

Shaedon Sharpe, UPlay Canada, SG, 2022

Why he stood out: Sharpe showed the full repertoire of his offensive arsenal at Peach Jam, averaging 28 points and eight rebounds a game in his final three games. Sharpe was virtually unguardable with his special blend of quickness, athleticism and three-level scoring ability. Sharpe was gaining top three buzz by the end of the week.

Keyon Menifield, The Family (Mich.), PG, 2022

Why he stood out: Menifield torched opponents during the opening week of the Nike EYBL, averaging 22.6 points a game to lead the event in scoring. Menifield’s dominance was tactical and versatile, scoring in a variety of different ways and adding 5.6 rebounds a game.

Isaiah Elohim, PG Elite (Calif.), SG, 2024

Why he stood out: Elohim had a big reputation coming in to Peach Jam but played with the hunger and motor of an underrated prospect looking to make a name. Elohim showed his dominance as a three-level scorer, leading the E15 league in scoring, averaging 28.5 points a game.

KyeRon Lindsay, Pro Skills (Texas), F, 2022

Why he stood out: Lindsay brought great energy on both ends of the floor and that translated into production. Lindsay is a great mixture of strength, skill and motor, averaging 16.3 points, 8.7 rebounds, two assists, 1.3 steals and 1.6 blocks a game. Lindsay is the “necessary” type of player teams need to win games.

Kylan Boswell, Team Why Not (Calif.), PG, 2023

Why he stood out: Boswell was consistently the total package as a floor general: Great instincts, confidence, vision, strong with the ball, body control and efficient shooting. Bowell had great pace and controlled the tempo at all times, while doubling as a defensive hound. Boswell posted 19 points, six rebounds and six assists in the semifinals against fellow elite point guard Robert Dillingham then led Why Not to the Peach Jam title in the U16 division.

Dariq Whitehead, Team Durant (Md.), SG, 2022

Why he stood out: Whitehead played with tremendous intensity on both ends of the floor, averaging 16.5 points, six rebounds and three assists a game. Whitehead guarded all five positions, made big shots and showed great leadership all week.

Jaden Bradley, CP3 (N.C.), PG, 2022

Why he stood out: Bradley usually plays the role of facilitator extraordinaire, but he switched roles in North Augusta and remained in attack mode to dominate the competition all week. Bradley put CP3 on his back and scored efficiently while filling up the stat sheet, averaging 20 points, seven rebounds and seven assists a game.

Judah Mintz, Team Durant (Md.), PG, 2022

Why he stood out: Mintz came out on a mission and wreaked havoc on opposing guards all week, pumping in 29.5 points over a torrid three-game stretch and finishing the Nike EYBL/Peach Jam averaging 18.2 points a game.

Robert Dillingham, CP3 (N.C.), PG, 2023

Why he stood out: Dillingham’s shiftiness and speed are a devastating combination for a player with his scoring ability and quick release. Dillingham closed out his dominant Peach Jam tear with a 23-point, four-assist outing in a heavily-anticipated duel with fellow elite 2023 point guard Kylan Boswell.