Summer 2021 was extremely productive and dominant for elite 2023 Duncanville (Texas) forward Ron Holland after leading Drive Nation (Texas) to the Peach Jam E16 title game and winning a gold medal with USA Basketball’s U16 team. That kind of clout has everyone from Texas to UCLA to Arkansas to Memphis, among many others all giving chase. Now, he’s agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s good world, it’s Ron Holland with Sports Illustrated, live and direct!

We’ve started our fall league for my high school team and we’re looking pretty good. In the first week we didn’t have our full team with guys going on visits and all that, but we still played well.

We’re all just getting a feel for each other and that’s what we needed.

I feel like we can be really special this year; winning states is cool and all, but with the team that we have I feel like we can win the national title.

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I want to put pressure on the UIL to put us into the GEICO Nationals tournament and I know that we can get it done if we’re given the opportunity. Not skipping steps or anything because we’re all locked in to what’s ahead of us every day, but we could make history this season.

I believe that.

Some of you may know that we won the gold medal with USA Basketball U16’s and I’m still excited about that!

That team was just amazing!

Just getting to know and play with all of the top players in the country and coming together to represent our country was an amazing feeling.

I loved the whole medal part and all, but the whole experience was the big thing for me!

My mom is framing my gold medal with my jersey right now, so I’m gonna leave it here with her to stay on display.

OK, I know everyone wants to know about recruitment and I have an upcoming official visit to Memphis in October. That’s the only one I know about right now, but I may set up more. While I’m there, I’m gonna take an unofficial to Tennessee State. My sister plays volleyball there and that’s a school I like too.

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Right now, I would have to say Memphis, Texas and Arkansas are coming at me the hardest right now. A lot of the schools have been coming out to open gym now that the coaches can get out, so that’s been fun too.

I’m in no rush with it though, I’m staying open to everyone and taking my time.

School is going cool for me right now.

I think my favorite school is Physics with Miss Kroll; it’s always been a subject that I’ve been interested in since middle school, but it’s even better now.

Like most guys my age, I listen to a lot of music; for me it’s mostly Rod Wave, Lil Baby, King Von, Durk, and MoneyBagg Yo.

Everybody’s got a couple embarrassing songs on their playlist, so I’m gonna let you in on mine!

That would have to be “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga!

Haha! Like I said we all have a couple!

OK, guys I’m gonna get ready to head out to this work out, but thanks for reading blog No. 1, and make sure you check back soon for the next one.

Take care and be safe.

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