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2022 PG Scoot Henderson Remains Focused on Ascension

Henderson is one of the top point guards in the 2022 class.

Scoot Henderson knows that this will sound cliché, but he’s not overly concerned with making people believe his truth.  

When he says that this was “definitely” going to be the summer that he was going to make the jump “to the 5-10 range” of the 2022 class as a result of his play his tone is matter of fact for a reason.

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” Henderson said. “I know that we all have to be safe and I’m all for that, but I was putting in a lot of work for this summer. This was my summer.”

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If his play this past season was any indication of what the opposition was in for on the summer circuit, Henderson’s projection about his trajectory is spot-on.

Henderson averaged 24 points, five rebounds and six assists this season at Kell (Marietta, Ga.) and in the few tournaments he’s played in this summer he’s averaged 22 points a game for Game Elite (Ga.).

That said, nearly every player has in some way expressed their disdain for being sidelined this summer by the COVID-19 pandemic and how they were going to dominate and take names had they played; the obvious question is: What makes Henderson different?

“It’s got to be my work ethic,” Henderson said. “I say that, but I’ve actually gotten a lot better in this pandemic. I work harder than most people realize.”

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Henderson is just blowing smoke, not only does he have an unreal work ethic he’s also got access, which has been hard to come by with gyms closing around the country amid the pandemic.

Scott’s father, Chris, owns Next Play 360, a gym that is right next to their house.

Henderson has been putting in three-a-days since the pandemic hit in March.

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“I’m pretty spoiled as a parent because he’s a kid you have to tell to stop working so hard,” Chris said. “I don’t have to push with him; I’m not getting him up it’s the other way around and I love that.”

His grind hasn’t gone unnoticed by college coaches; Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Florida State, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Louisville, among others, are all applying the full-court recruitment press.

Still, while he’s hoping to earn more offers, Henderson remains laser-focused on his goal for the top tier of the class.

“I was disappointed that we aren’t playing this summer, but it’s not stopping my focus,” Henderson said. “That’s why my overall game has gotten better in the pandemic. The only way to get to the top is to get better and that’s what I’m doing. That’s what I can control.”