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The Skyy Clark Blog: Quarantining, Recruiting Players to Kentucky, Marvin Gaye and More

Clark said he's pursuing other elite players to join him at Kentucky in 2022.

Skyy Clark is an SI All-American nominee and one of the top point guards in the country, regardless of class, with the college interest (Kentucky, Ohio State, Gonzaga, Memphis, Arizona and Michigan, among many others) to prove it. Clark recently announced that he would be transferring from Heritage Christian (Northridge, Calif.) to Brentwood (Tenn.) Academy for the last two years of high school. Now he’s agreed to give SI All-American exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Hey, what’s up guys it’s Skyy Clark back at you with another blog!

Right now, I’m quarantining with my family because my younger sister unfortunately caught COVID. We’re all here together and she’s doing great, but we’re just taking all the precautions and being responsible.

It’s not too bad because I get more time with my family. The tough part is finding ways to stay in shape. Luckily, my brother got a bench press station for Christmas and we had a Vertimax so I’ve been getting it in.

I tested negative already, but I’m gonna get tested this week again to make sure.

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Let me tell you, that testing is not easy! Whew!

Again, it’s a blessing that no one has gotten really bad symptoms so we’re just happy about that.

I definitely want to say Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King Jr. here since we had MLK Day on Monday.

He’s a guy that I’ve studied a lot and someone I look up to. I admire the type of person he was, what he stood for and how he went about his message.

I actually have a tattoo of him on my back!

Skyy Clark 1

I’m planning a black excellence portrait on my back; I’m planning to add Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle too. I’m gonna have an “LA” in the background.

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It should be pretty cool!

Before I had to quarantine, I felt like our team was getting better and better.

We were building a strong chemistry and we had only lost three games. I feel like I’ve been playing well, my shot hasn’t been falling like I want it too, but everyone goes through slumps.

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I’m just getting up shots trying to get out of it.

Right now, I’m averaging 26 points, seven rebounds and five assists.

I’ve watched a lot of Kentucky basketball this season and, it hasn’t been the typical Kentucky season, but I see them improving and I’m confident they can finish strong!

I’m still working on bringing some guys with me to Lexington too!

I talked to Amari Bailey recently then Shaedon Sharpe is another guy we’re on. Jalen Duren has another offer in our class and the most recent offer was Jaden Bradley, so I’m working on those guys!

I know not everyone will come, but I feel like we’ll be able to get some of them.

School is cool; of course, I’m on Zoom right now so it’s a little different.

My favorite subject is History, and my least favorite is Math.

I’m really good at Math, but I don’t love it. Haha!

Right now, I’m heavy on Tyler, the Creator, ASAP Mob and I’m also listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye.

I think my favorite Marvin Gaye song is “What’s Goin’ On.”

OK, thank y’all for tuning in.

This is Skyy Clark signing off!

Stay safe out there.

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