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2023 Christ School (N.C.) Athlete Zack Myers reclassified from the 2024 class in late February. He was considered a top prospect in the class. Still, after talking with his parents and several college coaches, Myers made the decision to reclass, and his recruitment is currently soaring. He goes in-depth with Sports Illustrated here. 

"I'm definitely focusing on Ole Miss and Tennessee as two of my top 2," Myers said of the current state of his recruitment. "Ole Miss, Tennessee, South Carolina, really. I'm really focusing on getting on the radar of Clemson, Oregon, USC, UCLA, and LSU this spring."

Myers is not rushing through the recruiting process as he continues to take it "day-by-day" as he seeks more feedback from each college while taking visits. 

"I'm definitely going to try to base my officials (visits) around the feedback I get in the spring when coaches come and evaluate me," he said. "I'll have a better idea of where I'll stand on their board, so it will be a day-by-day decision based off what happens this spring."

Myers has been on campus in Oxford and Knoxville multiple times, and he has built a strong connection with both staff. 

"I just think a place like Ole Miss is one of a kind," he said of the Rebels. "I've definitely never been to a place that I can compare to Ole Miss. Literally, each second I was on campus was so unique, one of a kind. I would say Ole Miss and Tennessee are two of the most ridiculous fan bases I've gotten to experience between game days and even social media. It's just kind of crazy."

Myers took in the Rebels 31-17 win over Ole Miss this past season, and he has enjoyed building on a strong bond with Lane Kiffin's staff since. 

"I feel like I'm getting recruited by a family, not necessarily a football team or coaches," Myers said. "That's something pretty cool and unique. I love how close they seem, and obviously, lane Kiffin is the cream of the crop in coaches in college football. But even he says he couldn't be half the coach he is without the staff he has. I think the confidence he has in the staff and everybody within the ole miss organization is really impressive to me."

Myers was on campus in Knoxville this past weekend as Tennessee hosted numerous recruits for a Spring practice. 

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"Tennessee, there's nothing bad I could ever say about them," Myers said about Josh Heupel's program and the latest visit. "Like ever in my life. There's just so much love coming from Knoxville. Coach Heupel, he really took the time to get to know me. So Heath Shuler is a longtime family friend. I went to school with Navy (Shuler) since first grade. I was talking to him a lot yesterday, and he was like 'Look, would I tell you to go to a place that I wouldn't trust my son to go?' And it's stuff like that. Obviously, he's a Tennessee legend, been a part of the Tennessee family for a long time. He says this is one of the most intriguing, positive teams and one of the best coaching staffs he's been around in a while."

During Saturday's visit, Myers also got to spend more time with Tim Banks and Willie Martinez while also seeing them work with the defensive backs firsthand. 

"I got to sit in a meeting with them yesterday, and they know the game inside and out, upside down, backward, just some of the most knowledgeable people," Myers said of the duo. "But they're also some of the coolest people as well. I was sitting and eating with some GAs and assistant coaches, and even they were saying how real coach Banks is and what kind of a guy he is. Hearing stuff like that is really cool."

Saturday offered Myers the opportunity to see the Tennessee staff in a different light than before, and that is what really stood out. 

"So I never got to see them coach and communicate with their players up close, and it was stuff like that that was cool to see," he said of what he learned about the two defensive back coaches. "Coach Martinez, he's one of the most intimidating coaches to look at or talk to. But when he was coaching those boys up, it was like he was their dad or something."

Myers visited Tennessee for two game days during the season, including Pitt and the Vols' Blackout against South Carolina.

"Both were midday games, and they were both packed," he recalled of the atmospheres. "It's stuff like that's really cool to see. The entire stadium was totally invested."

As the 6'1", 190lbs athlete continues to work through the process, he knows exactly what he is looking for in a school.

"It's definitely the small things," he says. "The coaches that really care about you. That's what I'm looking for because football is just a game at the end of the day. Football will end, but the relationships and whatnot won't have to. So I'm looking for a coach that I can call in about 30 years, that type of deal."

featured image via Zack Myers instagram