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SI All-American Candidate Aaron Willis Highlights and Evaluation

Aaron Willis is a linebacker prospect from St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Md. Willis is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Aaron Willis
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot, 205 pounds
School: Baltimore (Md.) St. Frances Academy
Committed to: Tennessee
Projected Position: Linebacker

Frame: Compact build with muscle definition in the upper and lower extremities. Room to add mass as needed. 

Athleticism: Quicker than fast with tangible closing speed and pop on contact. Closes distance between he and assignment well from depth and in tight quarters. Runs with lean and as much flash as any downhill prospect in the 2021 recruiting cycle. 

Instincts: Lives in the backfield off of aggression and quickness off the ball. Anticipates well off the line as well as during any pre-snap movement situation. Some control leads to samples of lateral ability and consistency against national schedule and high level competition. 

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Polish: Accelerated play diagnostics and a quick trigger combines for flash plays from multiple positions. Times blitzes incredibly well and can make plays through contact with natural leverage and explosive ability. Tools to hold own in coverage with enough quickness to combat a running back or tight end. Room to improve extension and hand usage against blockers. 

Bottom Line: Willis has head-turning striking ability as an ultra-aggressive second level prospect. The compact frame could limit the amount of time he spends as a true edge prospect at the next level but the short-area power and comfort playing in space could eventually help him develop into three-down territory in college. At a minimum, he has special teams ace traits to his name.