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SI All-American Candidate Aidan Hubbard Highlights and Evaluation

Aidan Hubbard is a linebacker prospect from Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Hubbard is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Aidan Hubbard                                                                                          
Status: SI All-American candidate                                                                          
Vitals: 6-foot-4, 225 pounds                                                           
Position: Linebacker                 
School: Cleveland (Ohio) Saint Ignatius                                                        
Committed to: Northwestern                                                                        
Projected Position: WILL Linebacker

Frame: Tall and well-proportioned. Above-average width across shoulders and chest. Relatively thick, tightly-wound thighs and trunk. Somewhat filled out already, but plenty of room for more weight. 

Athleticism: Impressive overall coordination for size. Quick, light feet; plays on toes. Wastes little motion while changing directions. Above-average speed and burst. Adequate play strength. 

Instincts: Not especially physical. Prefers to evade rather than take on blockers and shed. Quick to diagnose and flow to ball. Awareness and play allow him to duck inside blockers and corral ball-carrier. Relentless in pursuit; takes good angles to football. 

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Polish: High-level football IQ. Lines up at multiple spots for St. Ignatius: edge defender, WILL, MIKE, and deep safety. Needs to get more comfortable anchoring, setting edge in run game. Lacks plan, moves as pass-rusher. 

Bottom Line: Hubbard has good physical tools for a linebacker prospect, and advanced awareness allows him to play half step faster than opponents. Athletic enough to function in multiple roles, but must focus on single position at next level. Projects best at WILL, where versatility should help him make early impact and emerge as multi-year starter for Northwestern