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SI All-American Candidate Bryson Estes Highlights and Evaluation

Bryson Estes is an offensive line prospect from Eagle's Landing High School in McDonough, Ga. Estes is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: OC Bryson Estes
Status: SI All-American candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-3, 295 pounds  
School: McDonough (Ga.) Eagle's Landing 
Committed to: Florida State
Projected Position: Offensive Center           

Frame: Carries 295 really well and shows signs of being able to add slightly more weight, but might not need it. 

Athleticism: Tremendous athlete that plays tackle on the prep level but will kick inside on the college level. Plays really well in space and will probably be able probably to reach three techniques on outside zone plays if asked to. Shows great hips as well. 

Instincts: He plays with great attitude and effort which cannot be understated. He’s constantly fighting to finish through the echo of the whistle. He’s got a great punch and competes really well against the few defenders he saw larger than him. 

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Polish: The technique is borderline flawless. He’s never in an overextended position, never false steps, and plays with great pad level. He’s shrinks space well on the second level and he’s got terrific hand placement. He comes from a well-coached program and is nearing 400 pounds on power cleans. 

Bottom Line: There’s going to be an adjustment period, not only moving inside but playing a much higher caliber of competition from what he’s used to on the high school level, but this kind of athlete that shows this kind of technique is going to be a successful player.