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SI All-American Candidate Chauncey Magwood Highlights and Evaluation

Chauncey Magwood is a wide receiver prospect from Lee County High School in Leesburg, Ga. Magwood is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Chauncey Magwood                                  
Status: SI All-American candidate                              
Vitals: 6-foot, 187 pounds                                          
School: Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County                            
Position: Wide Receiver/Defensive Back                  
Committed to: Kentucky                                        
Projected Position: Wide Receiver

Frame: Adequate overall size and length. Well-proportioned. Average shoulders and chest taper to narrow waist. Slender, tightly-wound lower body. Can add muscle, but doesn’t need much more weight. 

Athleticism: Outstanding all-around coordination. Quick feet; little wasted motion getting in and out of cuts. Impressive aerial body control. Natural hands, capable of plucking balls away from body. Not a burner, but smooth while sprinting; posted 4.74 40-yard dash at The Opening in March. 

Instincts: Keen ability to track ball in air. Comfortable catching in a crowd. Dangerous runner after catch; routinely makes multiple defenders miss. Effective in scramble drill, creating throwing window for quarterback. 

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Polish: High-level route-runner. Utilizes head and shoulder fakes while stemming. Varies release at LOS; beats jams with ease. Understands how to exploit defensive mistakes in man, zone coverage. 

Bottom Line: Magwood is among the most advanced route-runners in the class of 2021, a trait that should help him see the field early in Lexington. Long-term ceiling is limited by average size and speed, but projects as a versatile, highly-productive receiver for the Wildcats. Likely multi-year starter.