Elite 11 2021: Day 3 Quarterback Rankings and Charting

SI All-American charts every throw and ranks its top 20 prospects from the Elite 11 Accuracy Gauntlet workout Friday morning.
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TORRANCE, Calif. -- The Elite 11 Finals event reached a third day and America's top quarterbacks were put to a different test on a sunnier-than-expected day. Following Thursday night's Pro Day workout, where each prospect went through the same amount of scripted throws to wide receivers, the staff pivoted to a much more physically demanding accuracy gauntlet on Friday. 

The 20 talents were asked to hit four intermediate, stationary targets, with a variety of drops and scenarios at each station. Tempo was suggested, as the players had time limits at each spot -- plenty to ask when you're talking about 30-plus throws in about three and a half minutes. 

As two competitors told SI All-American following their gauntlets, it's both a physical and mental challenge to remain accurate and on time on the backstretch of the drill. 

Still, stars showed out and got the staff and onlooking crowd excited, and SIAA charted about 650 throws from the morning workout to determine the event's Day 3 ranking. For our numbers, each throw was graded on a 1-3 scale, with a 3 accurate through the middle hole of the target, 2 for connecting with the target and 1 for a miss. Each competitor threw a different amount of passes, so an average per attempt will be utilized. Ties would be broken by speed, as our staff also timed each QB's performance. 

Accuracy Gauntlet Rankings

1. Maalik Murphy (Texas commitment)

Average score: 2.097 

Total throws: 31 

Murphy attempted the second-least amount of throws on Friday, but was also the most deliberate and strategic in his attempts, finishing with the highest score of the day. Murphy’s poise was something of note throughout the event, but shined through to an even high degree during this event. 

2. Cade Klubnik (Clemson)

Average score: 2.088

Total throws: 34

If based on the combination of efficiency and accuracy, the Clemson commitment probably would have taken the crown as he did at Pro Day Thursday. The Texan has been Mr. Consistent this week, finishing as a top-three competitor in each ranking. The on-site staff actually tabbed Klubnik as the gauntlet winner in their own metric. 

3. Nick Evers (Florida)

Average score: 2.033

Total throws: 30

Another day, another sharp performance from Evers at the Elite 11 Finals. Evers posted the fewest attempts of the group in the Accuracy Gauntlet, taking a methodical approach similar to Murphy's and maintaining his poise. Evers broke into the double digits on 3-rated and 2-rated tosses, displaying solid all-around accuracy at each station.

4. Walker Howard (LSU)

Average score: 2.000

Total throws: 32 

Time (tiebreaker): 3:19.32

Friday was a strong rebound for the LSU commitment, who was a bit inconsistent in the Pro Day. He was first up Friday and looked sharp when it came to balance and pace, showing strong fitness compared to his peers down the stretch along the way. 

5. Conner Weigman (Texas A&M)

Average score: 2.000 

Total throws: 37 

Time (tiebreaker): 3.27.70

Weigman finished with 17 2-rated tosses across his 37 attempts, the third-most of any quarterback in the field. In addition, Weigman reached the double-digits on perfect passes as well, marking a consecutive excellent day from the Texas A&M pledge after he disappointed in workout No. 1.

6. Devin Brown (USC)

Average score: 1.971 

Total throws: 35

The USC commitment had some audible support from the staff as well as onlookers while working through his 35 throws, and for a moment he appeared to be the perceptive leader in the clubhouse. Brown is among the most steady performers of the week, ranking top six in each of the first three rankings SIAA has released. 

7. Quinn Ewers (Ohio State)

Average score: 1.939 

Total throws: 33

The Ohio State commitment talked about being motivated after Day 1 but looked the most game-ready Friday, from a demeanor standpoint. It resulted in plenty of consistency and efficiency, as Ewers completed the most 2-throws (tied with Ty Simpson), 21, of any competitor in the field. It wasn’t about the big arm in the gauntlet and the mullet still found a way to turn heads.

8. Katin Houser (Michigan State)

Average score: 1.912 

Total throws: 34

After nearly winning the Pro Day, the Michigan State commitment was again sharp Friday, with his quick release and second-level steadiness on display. There is a calm in his game, even with the spotlight incredibly intense over the last 72 hours, that translates beyond the numbers for Houser. 

9. Zach Pyron (Baylor)

Average score: 1.842 

Total throws: 38

Pyron hit plenty of targets without the ball passing through the net, enough to accumulate a top-ten ranking - paired with eight perfect tosses as well. Pyron was late to arrive at Elite 11 this week which led to a slow start, but his showing in workout No. 3 led to his second top-ten daily finish in a row.

10. Ty Simpson (Alabama)

Average score: 1.841 

Total throws: 44

The Alabama pledge had the entirety of the onlookers, staff included, impressed by his break-neck pace right out of the gate — and he was hitting a 3 more times than not early on. No competitor pushed through their first 10 throws faster or more impressively, but the pace of throwing at least five more passes than any other arm showed after the halfway point to a degree.

11. AJ Duffy (Florida State)

Average score: 1.833 

Total throws: 36 

Time (tiebreaker): 3:21.80

Duffy was right on the top 10 bubble and held off a competitor who scored the same rate because of his pace. One of the early participants, as others strategized some, Duffy had his strong over-the-top delivery on display well from a stationary stance. Joking about getting tired after the midway point before he lined up to compete, the FSU commitment’s premonition held true minutes later.

12. Luther Richesson

Average score: 1.833 

Total throws: 36 

Time (tiebreaker): 3:30.66

Richesson struggled to keep his stamina up as the mobile throws in the Accuracy Gauntlet, as he is truly a pocket passing prospect and not a dual-threat. Richesson snuck past double-digit plane on 3 and 2-rated passes. but posted 16 1s, limiting his ceiling by our metrics.

13. Gavin Wimsatt (Rutgers)

Average score: 1.829 

Total throws: 35

The Rutgers commitment wasn’t on point in the intermediate game Thursday and it was clear he was motivated to push past it right out of the gate, with strong accuracy while fresh. A longer, yet relatively decisive motion caused a few passes to sail high later in the course. 

14. Tevin Carter 

Average score: 1.806 

Total throws: 36

Carter didn't post many perfect throws, recording eight, but impressed our analysts by hitting the target in some capacity very often throughout the first half of his drill and on roll-out tosses. Carter took the most time to finish the drill of any contestant as he's of a thicker build and owns a semi-elongated throwing motion.

15. Nate Johnson (Utah)

Average score: 1.795 

Total throws: 39

If we scored utilizing the best balls of the workout, Johnson would rank near the top of the list. He was boom or bust Friday with stark contrasts in accuracy between starting hot and getting the staff excited and missing the RPO shot high on multiple occasions in a row. Utah has one of the most intriguing signal-callers headed to campus and the ceiling for the decisive and twitchy talent is there. 

16. AJ Swann (Maryland)

Average score: 1.744 

Total throws: 39

Maryland commit AJ Swann was another player who seemed more affected by the physical taxation of the event more than anything else, throwing one of the highest total numbers of passes on the day. Swann did impress at some of the stations, but was not consistent enough to crack the top 15 on average score.

17. Tayven Jackson (Tennessee)

Average score: 1.722 

Total throws: 36

Tennessee’s Tayven Jackson was inconsistent throughout the competition on Friday, where he looked to be one of the least polished passers of the day. Jackson obviously has the arm talent, as he has shown throughout the finals, but here, it was his accuracy and mechanics that fell off a bit.

18. Drew Allar (Penn State)

Average score: 1.667 

Total throws: 33

With one of the lowest total throw counts on the day on Friday, Drew Allar struggled in particular on the more mobile throws of the event. Allar particularly fell off in the second half of the gauntlet, with fatigue obviously taking its toll on the big-bodied passer.

19. Holden Geriner (Auburn)

Average score: 1.639 

Total throws: 36

Auburn commit Holden Geriner got off to a solid start in the event, but really slowed down towards the end, with the physical taxation of the gauntlet affecting him as much or more than anyone else on the day. Geriner had impressed through the first two days, and must rebound in the 7-on-7 event on Friday evening.

20. Jacurri Brown (Miami)

Average score: 1.526 

Total throws: 38

Miami commit Jacurri Brown was the most inconsistent passer on the day in the accuracy gauntlet, hitting a fair few perfect throws, but also missing more than any recruit in the event as well. Brown hit the least amount of ‘2’s’ on the drill, especially struggling with the more difficult throws of the day.