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SI All-American runs down the notebook from the Elite 11 stop in the Indianapolis area
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BROWNSBURG, Ind. -- The Indianapolis Elite 11 had quarterbacks from across America, and it was a very competitive group of passers at the prestigious QB camp stop.

If you want an abundance of talented high school signal callers all throwing the football at once, Brownsburg (Ind.) High School, just outside Indianapolis, was the place to be on Sunday. Quarterbacks they came from Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Utah, Georgia and Illinois among other states. Here’s a look at five of the day’s best senior performers.

Best Overall Performer

Tayven Jackson, Greenwood (Ind.) Center Grove - 2022

In this heated group of competitors, Jackson earned the distinction as the best overall for his consistency, especially his ability to accurately place the football when throwing deep outs and when passing on the run. His athleticism also extends to basketball.

A big-time basketball player that’s one of Indianapolis’s best performers, Jackson’s natural athleticism shined when rolling out, and it also allowed him to effortlessly pass the pigskin into the wind and still throw tight spirals right into the hands of wide receivers. Jackson played better and better as the long day moved forward.

This is a passer that established the fact that he will beat defenses from the pocket as well as with his legs. Further, he’s perfect for operating run-pass option (RPO) plays. Once Jackson learns the Tennessee playbook he will be receiving, combining those RPO plays with his passing ability will be deadly. It’s a bright future for the Tennessee commitment in Knoxville.

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High Ceiling

Drew Allar, Medina (Ohio) High School - 2022

One of the biggest arm talents in the country, Allar provided proof that he’s capable of making a bevvy of different passes. Penn State will be adding a truly skilled passer to its quarterback room, as Allar pledged to the Nittany Lions on March 8th. Here’s a quick look at one of Allar’s best passes, and the most creative pass of the Elite 11 Indianapolis event.

Whether rolling out and then coming back towards the middle of the field before throwing a bullet on the run, or throwing a completely side-armed pass to avoid the rush, Allar exhibited exceptional in-the-moment abilities. When considering his frame and size, it’s just the beginning of what he can do.

Allar could easily reach 230 pounds before his sophomore year of college. At the moment, he looks to be in the 6’3” to 6’4” range and 210-pounds. Hard to imagine Allar powering through the football any better than he already does with added size, but he did mention throwing a baseball 86 miles-per-hour when he was in ninth grade. Lucky for hitters, Allar decided to give up baseball and stick with football.

Combined with a powerful arm, accuracy was also on display. Allar tied for the points lead with 19 overall points for accurately hitting his targets during the NFL combine testing section. When Allar trusts his mechanics, he’s as good as any passer in the land. It’s a microcosm of why he was one of the top performers for the entire Elite 11 camp.

Under The Radar No More

Brady Allen, Fort Branch (Ind.) Gibson Southern - 2022

The Purdue commitment might play in southern Indiana in relative obscurity, but his long frame and big arm allowed him to be one of the day’s best. Most people knew that Allen could throw strikes from the pocket, which he did, but his outside-the-pocket movement and accuracy surpassed expectations.

It’s one thing to hit a few passes on the run, but it’s quite another to do it time and time again. Regardless of the drill, Allen showed the ability to move his feet well and complete passes beyond the tackle box. If Allen continues on his current trajectory, the Boilermakers could have one of the biggest steals in the entire 2022 class.

Keep in mind that Allen is still quite thin. He’s capable of adding quality weight across his lower and upper body. With added strength and power, this young man will be even more capable of powering the football, and that’s something he already does quite well.

Mr. Consistency

Luther Richesson, Nashville (Tenn.) David Lipscomb

Richesson provides an old-school West Coast offensive coordinator’s dream: a quarterback with a very consistent throwing motion, the ability to utilize touch when needed, and an effortless release that led to a tight spiral time and time again.

Perhaps his best attribute went beyond mechanics and quarterback acumen. Richesson threw beautiful passes, yes, but he also looked quite calm regardless of what the quarterback instructors asked him to do. He’s a poised young man. It’s also a big reason why he tied Allar for the Golden Accuracy Award with 19 points. Long term, Richesson’s poise will serve him well and it’s a big reason why he’s seeing his recruitment heat up.

Richesson just picked up an offer from Michigan State on Saturday, and his mechanics and quarterback savvy will likely lead him to several more offers. To date, Richesson earned offers from the Spartans, UNC-Charlotte, Appalachian State, Central Michigan, and Cincinnati.

Smooth Lefty

Jaxon Dailey, Des Moines (Iowa) Southeast Polk

The recent Arkansas State commitment has one of the silky-smooth releases that one shall not soon forget. With a condensed and quick release, Dailey showed he possessed arguably the best deep-ball touch of any signal caller in attendance. That’s only part of what stood out about Dailey.

Dailey’s play-action fakes, lateral quickness, and ability to roll out and hit wide receivers in stride looked as fluid as one can hope for from a high school quarterback. He delivered accurate passes to his intended targets no matter the drill, and did so with ease.

SIAA will look at some of the top underclassmen from Elite 11 on Tuesday.

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