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SI All-American Candidate Gabe Ervin Highlights and Evaluation

Gabe Ervin is a running back prospect from Buford High School in Buford, Ga. Ervin is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Gabe Ervin                                                                           
Status: SI All-American candidate                                                        
Vitals: 6-foot, 200 pounds                                                                  
School: Buford (Ga.)                                                                            
Position: Running Back                                                                
Committed to: Nebraska                                                                    
Projected Position: Running Back

Frame: Well-proportioned and put together. Big shoulders, thick chest taper to taut waist. Long, defined arms. Slender, tightly-wound thighs and trunk, with carved-up calves. Room left to play at significantly heavier than 200 pounds. 

Athleticism: Excellent balance. Quick feet in short areas, though lacks degree of open-field wiggle. Georgia’s 2019 state champion in 400 meters, but merely good play speed. Gets to fifth gear in a hurry. Plus strength and power. 

Instincts: Devastating one-cut runner. Sees hole, plants foot and explodes into second level. Can make defenders miss and “skinny” hips to avoid tackles, but not an ankle-breaker. Refuses to go down on first contact; takes hit, regains balance and goes. 

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Polish: Makes concerted effort to gain advantage before exchange. Sells backfield fakes, shuffles feet at snap to establish momentum into handoff. Needs more experience as blocker, pass-catcher. 

Bottom Line: Irvin looks ready to contribute for the Huskers right now. Long speed is question mark against Big 10 defenders despite track prowess, but balance, initial quickness, and burst should translate. Likely multi-year starter, with NFL upside depending on size development, speed.