LSU QB Commit Nussmeier Says Tigers 'To Make a Big Run in Recruiting'

Garrett Nussmeier

Garrett Nussmeier is one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2021 class, verbally committing to LSU in May. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experiences through a college commitment to his home life and preparation for his senior season.

What's up, guys?

This is my first blog getting to talk to you guys as an LSU football commit. First things first, I'd like to say Go Tigers! I appreciate all the support you guys have given me ever since I announced my commitment. 

I think for me it was truly a dream come true, getting to commit to the number one team in the country. It's pretty special, in my opinion. I feel really blessed and really honored that a school like LSU would want me to go play quarterback for them. It's been a life long dream and I'm excited to live it. 

The past few days have been really different for me. I'd been used to heavy texts, heavy calls, talking to different coaches and different programs every day. I almost feel like it was a weight lifted off of my shoulders when I did it. The best part about it is that I'm still 110% confident, after making the decision -- that I made the right one.

The coolest part for me, throughout the entire thing, was just seeing Coach O (Ed Orgeron) Tweet, 'Hold that Tiger.' It was kind of a surreal moment for me, I've always seen him Tweet that. The fact that the head football coach at Louisiana State University is Tweeting about me committing to him is a pretty cool deal to me. 

Once I did it, it was almost a huge relief. It was sort of a relief when I told Coach O but the biggest relief was releasing it and getting it off my hands. The hardest part, no doubt, was talking to the other coaches and just telling them thank you. That I appreciated them, because I know what it's like when your dad has to leave when you're playing a game, to go call a recruit. I'm thankful that they took their time to do that. 

But it was a lift off my shoulders, I was almost like a kid again. When you get to the end of the recruiting process, it almost becomes a business and a job. It sucks but that's the way it is. It's truly a great problem to have and I'm very grateful for that problem because some kids are unable to. For me it was living out a dream but it comes with a lot. Daily phone calls, daily texts non-stop. Sometimes you don't know what you're doing with your head, your head is kind of messed up. But a workout or throwing session gets you back on focus. I was struggling a little bit, stressing a lot. 

Anytime I thought of LSU, I thought of home. I thought of me in the purple and gold and it felt right. That was the biggest part for me and it was a huge relief. 

These past few days I've been getting right to work, recruiting other guys. We just got a running back commit the other day and we're continuing to build steam. Continuing to build this class. We've got a really good group of guys in our class right now. We work together, we've got a group chat and talk a lot. It's been awesome. I really appreciate them for welcoming me, too. We've all got each other on social media and got to talking a little bit. 

I think we're about to make a big run in recruiting. A lot of people aren't going to expect it but I'm pretty excited about it. I have a good feeling about it. I think a lot of people want to come play for the national champions. Who wouldn't? Especially with the things they've done offensively and defensively last year. 

As far as what life's been like for me, it's been different. I'm getting to focus on my lifts, when I'm lifting and throwing it's like not only do I want to be great for my senior year, I want to be great my freshman year at LSU. I want to be great my sophomore year, my junior year. Not only am I working out for my development, I'm working out for my development in the SEC. I think that edge has pushed me a lot harder. The guys that are gonna be running at me are going to be a lot bigger than what I'm used to now. I think that was huge for me.

I really appreciate you guys logging back on. I'm actually back in Flower Mound, Texas, in my house. I'm getting to meet with my receivers in small groups, of course following the rules and social distancing. It's been cool. 

I hope everybody is staying safe and I hope this curve gets flattened so we can play a football season this year. 

Thanks, see you next week!

Geaux Tigahs!

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