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SI All-American Candidate Jamon Dumas-Johnson Highlights and Evaluation

Jamon Dumas-Johnson is an outside linebacker prospect from St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Md. Dumas-Johnson is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: LB Jamon Dumas-Johnson

Projected Position: Mike/Will Linebacker

Status: SI All-American candidate 

Vitals: 6-foot-1, 235 pounds 

School: Baltimore (Md.) St. Frances Academy 

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Committed to: Georgia

Frame: Fairly compact frame with big chest and thick arms with good definition. Strong thighs and calves and solid bubble.

Athleticism: Good movement skills on second level with range and speed to flow. Quick to insert himself in gaps downhill and squeeze to ball-carriers. Possesses very good closing quickness. Consistent to get a good fit with pads square to ball-carriers. Solid strength and body force to deliver a very good thump at collision points. 

Instincts: Very good eyes and mesh-point vision versus run. Shows excellent vision to see through traffic and trash. Reads keys quickly and becomes assertive and attacks. Flashes very good timing and late declaration ability as a blitzer. Can sugar gaps and get out and find 2 and 3 to relate in coverage before rallying.

Polish: Plays mostly as a Mike, along with some Will. Also played some on-ball boundary-linebacker. Has a minor gather when changing direction quickly versus run. Must display more ability to take-on and shed blockers. Needs more reps in man coverage. Also has to take better coverage angles when relating to a vertical stem by 2.

Bottom Line: Dumas-Johnson is a ‘backer that fits today’s game. He’s athletic, plays with range and can close and finish in a hurry with a good wrap to not leak yardage. Although he needs to acquire more reps in pure man coverage, he possesses the athletic ability and eye discipline to develop into a starting off-ball/stacked linebacker at the next level.