SI All-American Candidate Jatius Geer Highlights and Evaluation

SI All-American

Prospect: DE Jatius Geer
Projected Position: Defensive End
Status: SI All-American candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-5, 260 pounds
School: Honea Path (S.C.) Belton-Honea Path
Committed to: Syracuse 

Frame: Tall, lean frame with room to add 15- 20 pounds of bulk and definition. 

Athleticism: Athletic, natural disruptor of the edge with his length and wing-span. Often the most naturally gifted prospect in the trenches on his high school film. 

Instincts: He uses his length and quickness to his advantage to contort around offensive tackles. Sets well when taking on a lead blocker and does not lose ground on the play. 

Polish: He moves well for his size and uses his length to his advantage. He disrupts off the edge at the high school level with sheer speed and force, but he will need to improve his ability to bend at the college level to leverage more efficiently. He is violent with his hands at times, but he needs to improve consistency there. 

Bottom Line: Jatius Geer is a naturally athletic defensive end for his size with room to add even more bulk and strength to his frame. He disrupts with length and quickness, but can improve by improving pad height and ability to bend to leverage opposing blockers even more at the college level. He projects as a Power 5 starter over the course of his career.