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SI All-American Candidate Jeremiah Trotter Jr. Highlights and Evaluation

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. is a linebacker prospect from St. Joseph's Preparatory School in Philadelphia, Pa. Trotter is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Jeremiah Trotter Jr. 
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot, 210 pounds
Position: Linebacker
School: Philadelphia (Pa.) St. Joseph's Prep
Committed to: Clemson
Projected Position: Inside Linebacker

Frame: Good length and fairly muscular build relative to age. Can carry more weight across the board.

Athleticism: The son of the former NFL linebacker of the same name, there is strong pedigree both physically and of course at the position itself. Like his father, Trotter can turn on a dime and get to top speed relatively quickly and deliver true pop upon contact despite a lack of elite running ability. There are several samples of great closing speed, both vertically and laterally, in pursuing the football. In tighter spaces, he is powerful and efficient en route to his assignment. Trotter is also fairly fluid moving away from the line of scrimmage and can flip his hips well ahead of his peers at the position.

Instincts: As one may expect, Trotter has some old-school nature to his game. He patrols the middle of the defense with elite feel for the play call and displays great fluidity in executing his responsibility thereafter. His decision-making and processing is quarterback-like versus the run and pass. Trotter flies to the football to the point he looks like he can rack up 100 tackles even in today’s pass-first nature of ball.

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Polish: There is great in-the-box technique displayed throughout Trotter’s tape. He is a patient scraper over the top with fluid and nifty navigation skill avoiding blockers and coming downhill towards the ball carrier. Lining up throughout the front seven at the prep level, Trotter plays mental games with opposing quarterbacks pre-snap and can support a pass rush from the first or second level on occasion. He plays with natural leverage and pad level, finishing plays with great inside-out technique.

Bottom Line: Trotter’s game projects like he is the future captain of the Clemson defense. A classic inside ‘backer with three-down athleticism, he can help control the run game and aid the pass defense as a pass rusher or in coverage, and do so with tone-setting physicality along the way. Once he fills out some, there won’t be much delay in between his transition to college football and an impact at the highest level.