Jordan Burch Commits to South Carolina

SI All-American defensive end Jordan Burch is headed to South Carolina.

SI All-American defensive end Jordan Burch shocked many when he chose the South Carolina Gamecocks over Clemson and LSU on Signing Day. 

Burch made his announcement on ESPN in front of his high school classmates.

Update 4:00 PM: Burch has yet to sign his Letter of Intent, and there are some questions on whether this one is done.

At 6-feet-5, 275 pounds, Burch puts the fast in fast twitch. His knock-back ability stuns offensive linemen. The hand violence that Burch brings every snap weighs heavily in the minds of opposing offensive linemen before the game even starts. If his hands get a grip on a lineman's chest pads, that lineman is as good as beaten.

Burch’s eyes are always in the right place. Often, players like Burch with high motors can “effort” themselves out of position, translating into an over-eager attempt to get to the quarterback, which opens an escape gap underneath. Despite his nonstop motor, Burch has yet to show this potential drawback.

Burch also has impressive film at tailback. At that position, he is simply too big and moving too fast in a different direction than defenders to be able to be tackled.