SI All-American Candidate Joseph Amos Highlights and Evaluation

SI All-American

Prospect: OT Joseph Amos
Projected Position: Offensive Tackle
Status: SI All-American candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-5, 325 pounds
School: Lancaster (Texas)  
Schools of Interest: Houston, SMU, Boise State, Georgia Tech, Hawaii, Kansas, New Mexico, and Univ. of Louisiana Lafayette. 

Frame: All around giant. Some extra weight on him, but still athleticism shines through. 

Athleticism: Great leverage even at a height disadvantage. Sinks into his hips right before contact especially at second level. Head banger. He weighs 325 pounds, but he fires off the ball like he weighs 225. 

Instincts: I like his footwork alot, both in the run and pass game. He takes choppy steps when he needs but when he’s got you in the drive phase he’ll cover ground in a hurry with long, lumbering steps. Good feet out at tackle, but stands a little high in his pass set. 

Polish: His hands can get a little holdy at times, but with his footwork he doesn’t even need to. He’s one of those guys that bangs heads but he can also toss you out of the club. His punch is explosive in both the run and pass game. 

Bottom Line: Joseph Amos is an enormous young man with an enormous ceiling. He flies out of his stance faster than 325 pounds should be able to, and he’s shown some good footwork in the pass game. He shows a lot of traits that offensive line coaches love, but above all else, he’s a finisher.