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SI All-American Candidate Joshua Moore Highlights and Evaluation

Joshua Moore is a safety prospect from Marist School in Atlanta, Ga. Moore is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Joshua Moore                                
Status: SI All-American candidate                      
Vitals: 6-foot-2, 195 pounds                              
School: Atlanta (Ga.) Marist School                   
Position: Safety/Wide Receiver                
Committed to: UCLA                                
Projected Position: Strong Safety

Frame: Tall and well-proportioned. Above-average width across shoulders and chest. Long arms and torso. Powerful, tightly-wound thighs and calves. Developed trunk. Plenty of room for more mass and muscle. 

Athleticism: Good burst. Above-average speed at best, but fast to reach fifth gear. Adequate quickness and overall flexibility. Strong and powerful. Solid ball skills. 

Instincts: Decisive in movements. Quick to diagnose run vs. pass and attack toward ball. Big hitter in run support and as deep center-fielder. Sound tackler in open space; gets low and churns feet. 

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Polish: Clear understanding and awareness of coverage concepts, responsibilities. Clean footwork as safety, but struggles to turn hips and run with receivers. Limited ability in one-on-one coverage. 

Bottom Line: Moore is a big, versatile safety with the athleticism and instincts to affect both the run and pass. Likely evolves into strong safety with additional weight, playing linebacker in certain formations. Profiles as multi-year starter for Stanford, with Sunday upside depending on role and size development.