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Linebacker Justin Flowe is an SI All-American

Justin Flowe of Upland (Calif.) leads the linebackers on the inaugural SI All-American team.

Speed and force. 

That’s it. 

That’s the evaluation of Justin Flowe (6'2/230). 

Likely the top enforcer among defenders in the class of 2020, this California native brings the lumber and has more viral hits to his name than some NFL players. 

Beyond the obvious, he has some classic linebacker traits that make him feel like a cant-miss prospect. His instincts and timing are sensational in that he has a unique ability to find the quickest path to the football. 

Especially when working downhill, Flowe flows (no pun intended) at a different speed than everyone else in the box, but he can also hold his own in space with strong ability to redirect. 

He has well above average straight line speed to play sideline to sideline. He’s not a liability on third downs, either, as Flowe stands as one of the top blitzing prospects in the country regardless of position. 

Flowe is expected to make a Signing Day decision between Clemson, Miami, Oregon, and USC.

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