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SI All-American Candidate Katravis Geter Jr. Highlights and Evaluation

Katravis Geter Jr. is a running back prospect from Miami Carol City High School in Miami Gardens, Fla. Geter is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: RB Katravis Geter Jr
Projected Position: Running Back
Status: SI All-American Candidate 
Vitals: 6-foot-1, 215 pounds 
School: Miami Gardens (Fla.) Miami Carol City 
Schools of Interest: Considering Georgia Tech, Penn State and West Virginia, among others. 

Frame: Thick legs, wide hips, and Geter’s arms are even well built already. College-ready body on tape. 

Athleticism: Good quickness, solid speed, and absolutely tremendous power. Good one-step-and-go cutting ability. Hits top gear by his third step. Can cut quite well after reaching top speed. 

Instincts: Possesses excellent vision when hitting the hole; patient runner. Times his jukes and jab steps quite well. Geter plays behind his pads when running in the open or when he’s about to drive into a defender. 

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Polish: Geter provides great footwork to avoid tacklers and when he’s timing his moves to hit the hole. Makes timely cuts to gain extra yardage in the open field. Knows when to lower boom on a defender. 

Bottom Line: Geter has an old-school I-formation tailback in his style of play. He’s a downhill, powerful, and instinctive running back that plays behind his pads. Great frame for a running back, and he’s quick enough to make defenders miss.