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SI All-American Candidate Laurence Seymore Highlights and Evaluation

Laurence Seymore is an offensive line prospect from Miami Central High School in Miami, Fla. Seymore is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Laurence Seymore
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-2, 295 pounds
Position: Offensive Guard 
School: Miami (Fla.) Miami Central
Committed to: Miami
Projected Position: Offensive Guard/Center

Frame: Doesn’t possess ideal height for the modern guard, but is a well-put-together 295 pounds. Plenty of athleticism and carries his weight well. 

Athleticism: Near 300-pounders probably shouldn’t move like this. He closes space on linebackers effortlessly, skip pulls with ease, and redirects immediately on the second level. His feet are rarely stuck in the ground. He has a powerful hand strike and upper body overall. 

Instincts: He’s a menace on the field. Sure, a lot of high school linemen are physically dominant, but this feels and looks slightly different. He throws people out of the club with his punch alone. Climbs to the second level as well as any guard prospect there is. 

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Polish: Has played almost exclusively tackle in high school at barely 6’2, so he will likely need coaching on the inside at guard. His ceiling is at center, however. This type of elite short-area quickness for a big man deserves to be on display on the inside, reaching nose tackles with ease. 

Bottom Line: Simply put, if Seymore were 6’4, he’d be a top-50 national player by all in the scouting business. At least that’s exactly what the tape displays. He will transition smoothly inside to guard and will uproot folks at the point of attack. Kick slide could use some work, but he won’t have too much trouble considering the level of athleticism.