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SI All-American Candidate Lorenzo Styles Jr. Highlights and Evaluation

Lorenzo Styles Jr. is a wide receiver prospect from Pickerington Central High School in Pickerington, Ohio. Styles is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: WR Lorenzo Styles Jr.
Projected Position: Wide Receiver
Status: SI All-American candidate 
Vitals: 6-foot-1, 170 pounds 
School: Pickerington (Ohio) Central 
Committed to: Notre Dame  

Frame: Lean and athletic frame that could stand to hold more weight, but likely won’t ever need to play too far over 200 pounds. 

Athleticism: This is easy explosion. He played both ways for Pickerington, showing extreme quickness and long speed. He played corner, wideout, safety, running back, you name it, and made an impact everywhere. Scary in the open field. 

Instincts: Knows where he is on the field at all times and has a nose for the endzone. He also knows how to identify zone defenses and sit in the open pockets of the field. He’s got great pacing in his routes as well. 

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Polish: He can do just about anything you ask of him on the football field and do it at an elite level. He’s just an all-around great football player. Bends really well on routes like comebacks and double moves. The ability to create after the catch is elite as well. 

Bottom Line: This is an offensive coordinator’s dream. You can give Styles the ball on jet sweeps, you can line him up in the slot and let him go deep. You can place him on the outside and let him run the full route tree or even line him up in the backfield. Just get him the ball.