SI All-American Candidate MJ Daniels Highlights and Evaluation

SI All-American

Prospect: DB MJ Daniels 

Projected Position: Cornerback 

Status: SI All-American candidate 

Vitals: 6-foot-3, 185 pounds 

Position: Cornerback/Quarterback 

School: Lucedale (Miss.) George County 

Committed to: Mississippi State

Frame: Fit, muscular build. Already filled into next-level size with some room to add mass overall. 

Athleticism: He has a good burst, an excellent north, and south runner. Struggles at times in the short game, but makes up for it with his instincts and ability to run under passes and recover from his mistakes. He possesses a burst for the ball that few have as a two-way prospect. 

Instincts: He has a great feel for the ball is in the air, this often saves him when he gets beat on routes. He's shown the ability to recover and run under passes for interceptions. He's also a lot more comfortable in zone coverage because he can get his eyes on the quarterback and get a sense of where he's going with the ball. 

Polish: A coordinated player, excellent hand-eye coordination regardless of alignment. Knows how to high point passes and track the tip of the ball. Shows skills at receiver and as a runner as well. Running crisp, fast routes on offense, running through arm tackles left and right after the catch as well. Raw otherwise. 

Bottom Line: Daniels is a gifted athlete who has the size and speed to play Power Five football right now. He’s an effective weapon on both offense and defense but his primary projectable skills seem to be at corner, specifically in zone coverage using his instincts and ball skills to make plays. With some more development of his man coverage and footwork, he should be a dangerous corner with the frame to move to safety if need be.