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Peach State WR Webb Planning More Visits, Weighing Options

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Powder Springs, Ga.-- Kaleb Webb has been committed to ECU for months, but Power Five schools are continuing to push harder every day. Tennessee and Louisville have both hosted the McEachern star on visits this month, and Michigan is up next after a recent offer. Webb dives into this with Sports Illustrated All-American.

"Just the environment in the locker room," Webb said about what stood out about his official to Louisville. "All of the players want to be around each other, and they kind of embrace it. When all of the recruits were with them, they were just talking us and telling us what it is like to be at Louisville. I really liked that. Coach Brewer and knowing what he can do for me and develop me and knowing that he has coached some of the greats at the highest level means a lot as well."

Webb was able to enjoy the visit with his parents, who are a key part of his decision process.

"My parents loved the environment as well," Webb added. "Also, Lousiville has a lot of corporations within the city, so they are thinking about NIL and how I could strive in communications in the city of Louisville, maybe doing journalism or broadcasting."

The Cardinals were able to show Webb how intriguing their offense can be during the official visit as well.

"They use a dual-threat quarterback scheme, and I kind of like that," Webb said of what he saw from the offense. "He gets out of the pocket and gives an opportunity to extend plays, so we all know that when you extend plays, it gives the receiver more of an opportunity and get to an open area that a DB may not be ready for, so that excites me. Also, just the fact that Coach Satterfield wasn't afraid to take his one-on-one matchups. I know there were a couple of times where they took a shot downfield, and maybe it was a bad throw or just wasn't the right call at the time, but just the fact that he was willing to do it spoke a lot to me."

On back-to-back visits on October 9th and 16th, Tennessee's offense showed Webb everything he needed to see from a football standpoint, but he still wants to take an official visit and dive deeper into the university.

"My only question for Tennessee is how can I strive outside of football," Webb said. "I haven't been on my official there, so I feel like they haven't really had the chance to explain or show that to me yet. From a football perspective, I feel like they have everything I am looking for."

"Coach Heupel is definitely changing the program around where the players are getting involved as a team more, and it really means more," Webb continued. "His offense is really explosive. The same offense we run here, so it gives me an opportunity to take that and go in and play early and take that next step towards playing in the NFL."

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Michigan just extended an offer to Webb on Tuesday night, but the Wolverines and Jim Harbaugh quickly caught his attention.

"It meant a lot," Webb said of the offer. "Michigan is the number six team in the country right now, so just to get an offer from a powerhouse like that and especially for Jim Harbaugh himself, calling me meant a lot. I would say it meant that he really wants me because if the head coach calls you personally, that means you are a priority in his mind, so that meant a lot."

"His past in the NFL and him being able to compete for a Super Bowl just means a lot as well," Webb added about Harbaugh. "He has done it at the highest level, and I would say reached the highest peak at the highest level, so him believing in me means a lot. I was just really excited when I got it.

The message from Harbaugh was clear during the conversation between the two.

"He was just talking about my hands and how I can track the ball down the field, and he really liked that," Webb said. "One thing that he said he really liked that separated me from a lot of guys was that I am not afraid to block. He said he has been around some receivers that are really talented but are not willing to be unselfish and put their body on the line for everybody else on the team."

Webb will take an official visit on November 6th, when Michigan hosts Indiana.

"I am really just looking for a good community environment. I want the fans to be rowdy and loud and embrace the team and players," he stated about what he will look for. "From a football standpoint, I am looking for a well-played game, and hopefully, they give some receivers a chance to make some plays. Outside of that, it would just be seeing what Michigan can do for me outside of football, the long-term part of it, like how I can strive in my career there and what a degree from Michigan would mean in the real world. I am thinking about majoring in communications, so I want to see how the state of Michigan can help me with that."

Webb continues to be meticulous in the process, even as it gets harder to make decisions, but the timeline still remains unclear at this stage.

"I kind of don't know yet, but I have been talking to my parents, making pros and cons of each school I am interested in, so the list is trimming down each day. I am just talking to them constantly and making sure I am making the right decisions. I still have some questions I am asking each school to see how they will answer them and see if that would be the best place for me for the next 3-4 years."