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Prized 2024 South Carolina WR Mazeo Bennett Trims List Ahead of Decision

Greenville High School (S.C.) standout 2024 wide receiver Mazeo Bennett Jr. is one of the most coveted prospects in the country for his class, and the talented wide receiver has cut his list down to eight schools and set a commitment date. The eight schools include Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Miami, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Prior to the reveal, Bennett discussed each finalist with Sports Illustrated All-American.

On Alabama: It is Alabama. You get coached by the best and play for the best in front of the largest audience. Who wouldn't want to play for Alabama?

On Georgia: The mentality of Georgia's receivers is always something I have looked up to. They are dogs, and they know that. Coach B-Mac is one of the coolest coaches I have met in this process. They are straight-to-it coaches, and I respect that from them.

On Florida State: They keep in contact with me almost everyday. The relationship I have built with that program—Coach Bartow and Coach Norvell—is great. They deserve to be on my list.

On Miami: Every conversation I have had with Miami has been genuine since they offered me. They have been on me heavy since they offered, and I feel like they deserve to be on my list.

On North Carolina: Coach Galloway is my guy. We have built a strong relationship. Coach Mack Brown is my guy, too. I love him not only as a head coach but as a person. Sitting in his office and having a conversation with him is amazing, honestly.

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On Oregon: Oregon has always been one of my dream school, even though it is all the way across the country. It is a place that I can see myself playing at, so when they offered, it was automatic they would be in my top schools.

On South Carolina: It is always love at South Carolina. I have been to South Carolina more than any other school, so being around the program all the time, and getting to know the coaches, they deserve to be in my top schools. They were also the first school to offer me. They were the first school to really believe in me.

On Tennessee: I just love everything about Tennessee. How I can fit into the offense as a receiver, Coach Pope, Coach Golesh, Coach Heup, Coach Max, really everybody at Tennessee always shows me love. That was the best gameday atmosphere I have experienced.

Bennett plans to commit on October 16th, and he knows what it will take for one of these schools to land him.

"It is going to take a lot of love and proof," Bennett said of what it is going to take for a school to land him. "You can show me something on a camera, but I want to see it in person. I want to see how I can fit into your program in person. I want to see it."

Whenever he goes public with his commitment, Bennett knows exactly what a school is getting in him as a player.

"They are getting a dawg," Bennett said of this. "Someone that works hard in the classroom and on the field. Someone that is a leader, whether I am the oldest person or youngest person on the team, I am a leader. A person with good character and is not going to turn their head and look the other way. Someone that is going to be vocal and be that leader early in my career. Somebody that has places to go and doesn't want to mess around with his time at that program."