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SI All-American Candidate Ryan Linthicum Highlights and Evaluation

Ryan Linthicum is an offensive line prospect from Damascus High School in Damascus, Md. Linthicum is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Ryan Linthicum
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-4, 275 pounds
Position: Center
School: Damascus (Md.) 
Committed to: Clemson
Projected Position: Center

Frame: Thick hipped bowling ball playing center. Could stand to even some things out before adding any more weight upon arrival in college.

Athleticism: He’s a mass mover. Not overly athletic but displays enough to dominate in an inside zone scheme. Could work up to the ability to reach block in an outside zone look.

Instincts: Has one goal, and that’s to flat back the defender, and then hold him there until the whistle is blown. He plays with a level of aggression that he’s going to need to handle interior defensive linemen on the next level.

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Polish: Stance is wide, hips are tight, and there’s some questionable footspeed that will need to be addressed, but this is a big boy that loves to drive block – which is a valuable skill for a guy on the interior.

Bottom Line: Linthicum has got some things to clean up on the next level, especially if he’s going to have the quickness it takes to face ACC defensive linemen. Though he has all of the power in the world to move people off the point of attack, his best football is well ahead.