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SI All-American Candidate Terion Sugick Highlights and Evaluations

Terion Sugick is a defensive tackle prospect from National Christian Academy in Fort Washington, Md. Sugick is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Terion Sugick 
Status: SI All-American candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-2, 287 pounds
Position: Defensive Tackle
School: Fort Washington (Md.) National Christian Academy
Committed to: Vanderbilt 
Projected Position: Defensive Tackle

Frame: Big and compact. Average width in shoulders and chest, but ample mass. Powerful arms. Thick, relatively solid thighs and trunk. Will likely play around 300 pounds. 

Athleticism: Quick and sudden. Moves better than size, frame suggest. Impressive burst. Enough speed to be factor in pursuit. Natural play strength and burgeoning overall power. 

Instincts: Fast off the ball. Fires out with good base and active hands, getting into chest of linemen. Very physical. Multiple-effort player who has counter plan when initially stymied at POA. Shows good patience as read-option defender. 

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Polish: Uses arms and hands well when engaged. Shows rip, arm-over and spin as pass-rusher, but relies on bull rush. Must prove he can anchor and take on blockers for sustained period. 

Bottom Line: Sugick’s blend of size, power and movement skills is very rare at the high school level. With the right coaching and strength-and-conditioning development, he has the chance to star for Vanderbilt. Surefire multi-year starter at defensive tackle, with the ceiling to play on Sundays.