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The AJ Duffy Blog: Pushing Commitment Back, Upcoming Visits, Spring at IMG Academy

IMG Academy QB was set to commit March 31
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AJ Duffy is one of the most highly-recruited junior quarterback prospects in America, collecting more than 30 scholarship offers from programs coast to coast. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experience as a high-profile recruit to his home life and preparation for his senior season.

What's up guys? It's AJ Duffy, starting up another blog. 

Just today I pushed back my commitment. I haven't set a date but I just needed more time to get out there and just visit these schools. Just needed some time to sleep on it, think about it, before I make a big-time decision. 

I'm actually going to go to Florida State April 10 for the spring game with some of my guys from down here at IMG. My dad is coming out there to that. My mom and dad are coming with me to Michigan State on April 24. 

I visited ASU (Arizona State) over the weekend, it was cool. Always a vibe there. I got to watch the spring game. ASU is always cool to watch because I have a bunch of my friends there. It's always cool to see guys you played with or against balling in college.  

I'm already super familiar with the area, it's pretty close to home so we go to the area just to hang out and have fun. I just went out there for the spring game, mostly. 

Clearly everyone thought I had already made my decision and I was clear-cut going to ASU but no. My recruitment is still open and I'm focusing on Arizona State, Michigan State and Florida State but my recruitment is 100% open. I still have visits to make. Shoot, maybe new schools hop in and who knows -- it could muddy the water a little bit. 

The UCLA coaches called the other day, Texas A&M was hitting up my dad a few days ago so who knows with those two. There's a few other schools that can obviously make things interesting.

All the crystal balls and stuff...I tend not to look at that stuff, it kinda makes it weird for me. Like how is everyone thinking I'm gonna go somewhere when I still haven't made my decision yet?

I'm trying to take this as a period to take a step back, slow down, enjoy the process and just take it all in. I for sure want to be committed before the start of my season, so probably around July. 

We're starting up spring ball here at IMG. It's looking like we're gonna have a really good team this year. Defense is flying around and we look good on offense, so look out for that!

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It's different being around a group of guys -- not that you're unfamiliar with -- but you just don't know how they're gonna act or react in practice-type situations. The whole team has the same common goal, just being the best and winning it all. It's fun to be around a group of guys who all have common interests and goals in life. It's super dope. 

We start spring ball April 17, it's on a Saturday. 

It's my mom's birthday tomorrow, so go wish her a happy birthday!  

Follow AJ on Twitter (@anthonyjduffy) and IG (ajduffy10)

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