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The MJ Morris Blog: Balancing Football, Baseball and Recruiting Visits on Deck

Elite two-sport star MJ Morris continues personal blog series with Sports Illustrated

Myles 'MJ' Morris is one of the most highly-recruited junior quarterback prospects in America, collecting more than 30 scholarship offers from programs coast to coast. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experience as a high profile recruit to his home life and preparation for his senior season.

What's up guys?

This is MJ and I'm back with another blog. Today we'll talk about the previous two weeks and the last month or two, football, recruiting and the baseball side. I love doing these blogs. 

The last two to three weeks have been pretty exciting for me. I went to the Under Armour All-America football camp and I've been training with a lot of pro baseball players and a pro hitting coach named Chris Nelson. 

He played in the major leagues himself and was coaching with the Kansas City Royals. He's been helping me and mentoring me through this whole baseball thing. I haven't played baseball in one, one and a half years, I'm just getting back into it and he's helped me so much. The improvement I've gotten with sky-rocketing. 

I'll start with the Under Armour camp. I got invited to that camp, I went out and was locked in. I trained for about a week, just to make sure I was ready for it, and I was locked in from the start. It took me about one or two throws to get settled in, because we had these Under Armour footballs and they were brand new. Real slick. But after one or two throws I was locked in and didn't miss another throw. I feel like I did very good at the camp. Unfortunately at the end, I didn't get an invite or anything else. They gave it to a freshman QB (Kamari McClellan). But I was confident and should have gotten an invite but it is what it is. 

There's nothing I can do about it, just have to keep grinding each day. So that's what I've been doing. I have school, of course, and then after school I go throw with my quarterback trainer -- Coach Brian Beasley -- then I head over to baseball practice. Then at least one or two times a week I get with Coach Nelson, the MLB coach. 

One week Coach Nelson had me come in when he was training some MLB guys and it was just really fun watching. Watching them swing, the ball comes off the bat in a whole different sound. A whole different feeling. Just to watch them and learn from them is really great. That whole environment, everything is business and professional, but they're still having fun at the same time. I can definitely see myself doing that one day. Being in the MLB and having fun, being in the NFL and having fun. 

One of the other guys there wasn't a player, he was the manager for the Double-A team for the Boston Red Sox, Corey Wimberly. One of the players is David Hollie and the second one is Tyler Tolbert, those were the two players I was watching and I was hitting with them. It's a big difference, they're a lot more consistent and I was working on a new swing. Eventually I'm gonna get there. Watching them was crazy, each swing the was same. If they're hitting a ball to center field, they're not going to miss center field. They're on point every time. Hopefully one day, as I continue to work, I'll get there. 

We've been pretty busy in baseball, probably three or four games a week. Our team is doing really good so far (11-6-1, 5-0 in league per Maxpreps), I feel like we have a chance to go all the way. The way we've been playing, the way we've been hitting the ball and the way we've bonded as a team -- we play as a team and lose as a team -- so everything is there. 

From a recruiting standpoint, I've looked at a time I've kind of wanted to be committed. The May area. I've been thinking about that month. I'm going to Florida State's spring game on April 10 to get a look at the campus and to watch their spring game since that's a school I'm seriously looking at. I also want to take a visit to NC State, Nebraska and hopefully Stanford if we have time to get there. Since Georgia Tech is only 30 minutes up the street, we're definitely going to check that out. I have a cousin that goes there, his name is Ryan King, a receiver. We're really close. I want to go out there with him, be with him and see what the Georgia Tech feeling is like. 

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That's pretty much what's been going on with me. It's been a heavy couple of months, just grinding each day, trying to perfect my craft and be number one in the nation at some point. 

Thank you guys for reading my blog, on the next blog I'll probably talk about my visits to schools I'm really interested in. I'm really excited to tell y'all about my experiences with those. After that it may be time for a commitment and to talk about the Elite 11 experience.

I just wanna say thanks again for reading my blog!

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