Touted 2022 QB MJ Morris Kicks off SI All-American Blog

An introduction to Peach State, dual-sport star recruit MJ Morris
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MJ Morris is one of the most highly-recruited junior quarterback prospects in America, collecting more than 30 scholarship offers from programs coast to coast. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experience as a high profile recruit to his home life and preparation for his senior season.

Hi, my name is MJ Morris, I'm a class of 2022 quarterback out of Atlanta, Georgia. I go to Pace Academy and play baseball and football there. 

I come from a great family. I love my parents. I have an older sister who is 20 years old and I have a younger brother who is 14 years old. He's a phenom at baseball. Sports just kind of runs in the family here. 

The name is MJ because my middle name is Jameson. So as a kid my parents just called me MJ for Myles Jameson Morris. All of my siblings' initials are MJ. My brother's name is McCaleb, my sister's name is Morgan. We all have a middle name starting with a 'J' but I'm the only one they really call MJ.  

I've been working at both sports almost my whole life, since I was the age of 4. My dad played basketball in college, at Central Missouri, so he's always been on me. He's always been on me, he's my biggest mentor. My mom, she always makes sure I stay on the academics because academics are a big part of my family, too. We always take pride in that. 

God comes first, family second, school and then sports of course. 

I've always been working to be the best quarterback I can be and the best person I could be, all my life. I take faith in being a Christian. I pray every night. I devote my life to God and do everything for Him. I do everything through Him. He has helped me through a lot, to overcome a lot of adversity. I'm just very blessed to be where I am now, of course. 

When I was a freshman in high school, it was the biggest year for me. It was a hard transition going from middle school to high school and then straight into a 5A powerhouse like Carrollton High. I had a great two years there, I had a lot of fun there. I got a lot of offers there and then transferred to Pace Academy and I had a fun year here, too. 

I went to Pace Academy from sixth through eighth grade so it wasn't a hard transition back. We had a great year in 2020, too. Unfortunately we lost to in the first round of the playoffs, but I still feel like I got better as a player. I'm excited for next year, very excited to put all the skills I've been working on together to just ball out my senior year. 

I can't wait for that to happen. 

For the spring, I'm focusing on baseball. A lot of people don't know that I play baseball and I actually would love to play both in college one day. I take a lot of passion in baseball, I work just as hard in baseball as I do in football. That's definitely a big thing that's part of my life. I'm just a hard-working person, I'm a competitor. 

I've been competing all my life. At the age of 5 my dad would always play me like two or three age groups up. So when I was 5, I was playing with 7-year-olds. It made me want to compete to be better than anyone else because I know. I want to make myself better because I know in college I will have to compete every day, it doesn't matter if you go in as a four star or five star, you're going to have to compete wherever you're at. 

That's a big thing for me and one of the things I love my dad for. He's always made sure that I've always kept that dog in me but also that humble side that I'm not going to talk about myself and just let things happen on the field. I'm a humble person on and off the field, who wants to work as hard as they can and to be the best version of themselves for me and my family. For people who look up to me or look at me, I just want to be the best at whatever I do. 

That's kind of all I got right now. 

I'm excited to be teaming up with Sports Illustrated, very blessed to have this opportunity to do a lot of blogs. Another one is coming out soon for y'all!

Can't wait for the next one.

Follow MJ on Twitter (@mj_morris7) and IG (myles.morris2)

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