Two-Sport Star Kaden Martin Details Miami Commitment via Blog

Football, baseball standout and NFL legacy Kaden Martin pens his first blog for SI All-American
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Kaden Martin is one of the most highly-recruited junior quarterback and baseball prospects in America, collecting more than a dozen scholarship offers from programs coast to coast. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experience as a high-profile recruit to his home life and preparation for his senior season.

My name is Kaden Martin. Class of 2022. I play quarterback in football and I play outfield and pitcher in baseball. 

I have multiple offers, from schools like Miami, Tennessee, Oregon, Arizona State and schools like that. I originally lived on the West Coast, in California, and played my first football season there. And then I ended up moving to the East Coast because my dad (Tee Martin) ended up getting the job at Tennessee. 

It's kind of been hard, recruiting. I had to tell people that even though my dad was at Tennessee, I was looking at all schools. Then also, playing football and baseball, everybody doesn't really respect you in one sport since you keep playing both. You're always at the other sports' camps and stuff, so it's pretty hard to get other coaches to look at you. First, your dad is at such a great school and then two, you're playing two sports so they think you're going to pick the other sport. 

Football is kind of shaky because people think I'm going into the MLB draft. I have to convince them that I may or may not end up going to the draft or not. 

I've always been around the college life, with my brother (Amari Rodgers) being at Clemson. Such a great school. My dad has been a coach for a very long time. Basically, since I came into the world he's been in coaching. Just always being around the college life, knowing the ins and outs of recruiting, what they're looking for. Even the tricks (laughing), all that stuff. 

I've always been blessed to have my dad along the way with recruiting, just making sure I make the best decision for myself. Knowing what school is the best fit for me to play both sports. My dad got a job with the Ravens, so that's been a thing. A lot of schools have been calling me thinking now they have a chance, when they had a chance no matter what. I'm never biased about a school, no matter what, just because my dad is there. 

He's at the Ravens now and we're seeing if I'm gonna move up there right away or see if I'm gonna stay here my senior year, at (Knoxville) Catholic. So we're still deciding if I will move up to Baltimore or not. 

Everything has been great, I made my decision for the school I wanna attend on Wednesday. The school I picked, Miami, was because they have great coaches, a great history of developing players. I love the school. I always kind of felt like this was the school for me. It was kind of down to three schools, but picking this one for me was about the environment and their winning program. 

They're doing a great job this year on baseball and football is doing a good job, too. Can't wait to see what they have in the future. Can't wait to add on to their program!

I actually hated baseball when I was younger. The ball didn't come out to the outfield very much. And I'm a left-handed player, so I couldn't play shortstop or none of that stuff. As I got older, about 13 or 14, I started finding a love for baseball. It just started clicking.

My freshman year, going into sophomore year, summer. I started really getting better at baseball, getting on the scene. Then this past summer, COVID-19 happened, and it really helped me focus on my swing and being able to figure things out. This is my first summer really on the scene. I had a great year, started my rankings at 55 and jumped up to 30 for PG (Perfect Game) rankings. 

I'm doing a great job, I'm getting some calls about the MLB guys, so I'm feeling good. This upcoming summer will be big for me, to up my draft stock.

Even though my dad is more heavy on football, he's done a great job talking to some baseball guys and advisors that can help out with decisions when it comes to the draft. My mom, too. They just want the best for me, so just been weighting my thoughts heavily on them. 

There's probably a certain number and a certain round for me to go to the draft versus college. 

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