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SI All-American Candidate Tyler Morehead Highlights and Evaluation

Tyler Morehead is a running back prospect from Clinch County High School in Homerville, Ga. Morehead is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Tyler Morehead
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 5-foot-11, 175 pounds
Position: Defensive Back/Running Back
School: Homerville (Ga.) Clinch County
Schools of Interest: Florida State, Georgia Tech, South Carolina and Eastern Carolina
Projected Position: Running Back

Frame: Appears much thicker than 175 pounds on tape. Could potentially fill out more, though will likely max out around 190 pounds. 

Athleticism: Quick stepper. Doesn’t have elite top-end speed but the short-area quickness is there to be dynamic in the open field. A bit too tight-hipped to play safety on the next level and isn’t quite big enough to play in the box, so leave him at RB and let him work. 

Instincts: Plays angry and has a ferocious jump cut. Runs as if he understands his weaknesses. Great in a zone scheme that allows him to play with good vision. Delivers blocks well on the second level of the defense, and has good ball security in crowded environments. 

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Polish: If he can find top-end speed, look out. He has decent enough hands out of the backfield and could add value as a threat in the passing game. He’s a month full of yoga sessions away from being an elite athlete in terms of body movements. His contact balance is superb. 

Bottom Line: Morehead could add value as a safety and has equivalent offers at both positions, but he’s going to add the most value as a running back. His ability to make the free defender miss is going to relieve pressure on your offensive line. May be a high 4.5 runner, but has plenty of game speed to make an impact.