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SI All-American Candidate ZionAngelo Shockley Highlights and Evaluation

ZionAngelo Shockley is a defensive end prospect from St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Md. Shockley is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: ZionAngelo Shockley                                  
Status: SI All-American candidate                                "
Vitals: 6-foot-4, 230 pounds                                          
Position: Defensive End                                            
School: Baltimore (Md.) St. Frances Academy          
Committed to: Maryland                                          
Projected Position: Defensive End

Frame: Tall and taut. Above-average width across the upper body. Long arms. Tightly-wound, developing thighs and trunk. Plenty of room for additional weight. 

Athleticism: Twitchy. Good open-field speed, and reaches fifth gear in a hurry closing to the ball. Functional bend and flexibility. Maintains balance through contact. Budding play strength. Average quickness in short areas considering other athletic gifts; far more agile on move. 

Instincts: High motor. Explodes off the ball; sometimes arrives in the backfield untouched due to get-off. Relentless in pursuit from the backside, even as gang tackler. Comfortable meeting puller in the hole, absorbing the hit and shedding to the ball. 

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Polish: Plays low. Flashes good arm and hand usage, including powerful punch. Aggressive attacking, but shows patience as a read-option defender. Shows bull, push-pull and arm-over as pass-rusher; must hone and diversify moves. 

Bottom Line: Shockley boasts an enviable combination of explosiveness and plays strength. Lacks versatility due to mediocre foot speed and growth potential, but possesses good tools for the weakside defensive end. Likely multi-year starter for Terrapins.