SI Insider: The NCAA Giving a Notice of Allegations to Kansas Shows They Aren't Afraid of Going After Blue-Blood Programs

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On Thursday, Kansas released the NCAA response to its notice of allegations against the Jayhawks men's basketball program makes clear a couple of things. 

First of all, this is a really contentious case. These two entities, Kansas and NCAA enforcement are going at each other hard. The NCAA charges against Kansas are aggressive. Head coach Bill Self has level one violation allegations against him. The University of Kansas has allegations of failure to monitor and control its programs basketball program. 

This is a big time case. It underscores one important thing: People say the NCAA is afraid to go after blue-blood programs. Well, Kansas is about as blue-blood as it gets. Maybe not quite on the level of North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, but just below them. And this is a clear indication that they are not afraid - there is not a sacred cow out there for the NCAA enforcement. 

There were hints of major allegations, obviously major violations at Kansas, and they've gone after them and exposed them. 

The main thing that hurt the NCAA's credibility as an enforcement entity was when it failed to get North Carolina on the academic fraud issues three years ago. But that was then and this is now. And this tells me that the NCAA is going after Kansas hard. Kansas is fighting back hard. And the Committee on Infractions hearing between the two should be something.

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