SI Insider: NCAA Management Council Says Voluntary Workouts Can Begin June 1st

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On Wednesday night, the NCAA made a move that would bring athletes back to campus. The NCAA Division One Management Council said that athletes that participate in football and basketball (with other sports likely to follow) could begin participating in voluntary workouts beginning June 1st. SI's Pat Forde shares the full update on the NCAA.

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Are you ready for some football, basketball, some practice, maybe? How about just some voluntary activities? That's what we're we're going to call it on college campuses starting June 1st. The NCAA Division One Management Council ruled Wednesday night that they're going to open the doors now for schools to bring back athletes, in obviously, a safe set of protocols, but to begin working out voluntarily on campus together in small groups. And we will see how it goes. 

Hopefully it goes well, if you want to see football in the fall. This is the first step towards that. But the teams that are allowed back: football, men's basketball, women's basketball, we are awaiting word on other sports soon. Probably later this week or early next week. But a big step forward. We'll see for these schools how soon they want to be back. We'll see what sort of testing protocol they're going to put into place and exactly how they're going to work these workouts. 

I was told by one athletic director that they had a quote, "Pretty sobering" call with Brian Hainline, the chief medical officer of the NCAA, about the cost of testing. It's going to be just one of many hurdles that schools are going to have to work their way through. They want the players back. They want the games to go on. But what has to happen before then? A whole lot. We'll see how they handle it.