SI Insider: People Around the NCAA Speak Out After the Death of George Floyd

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Players and coaches all around the country and the NCAA have used their platform to share their thoughts on racial injustice after the death of George Floyd.

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Pat Forde: Over the course of a very bad weekend in America with violence and anger, sadness everywhere and an interesting byproduct of that was the fact that a lot of people in college athletics found a voice to speak out about it. Whether they were coaches, athletes, administrators, a lot of people felt like they need to say something. I certainly applaud that, especially from the athletes themselves, who most of whom are on very diverse teams, on diverse campuses. They're smart people. They're passionate about what's going on in their lives. I welcome hearing from them. 

Some of the coaches had some incredible things to say as well. If you didn't see North Carolina Central coach, LeVelle Moton's Twitter thread about personally being racially profiled, having guns pointed at him after being pulled out of his car several years ago. I suggest that as reading, there's a lot of people, obviously, who have had those sorts of experiences inside athletics or outside. Some of the statements were on the side I think of just basically useless wasting of breath, so to speak. There were people who just felt like they needed to say something because other people were saying something or and probably the worst-case scenario because they felt like they needed to from a recruiting standpoint. Let's hope that wasn't the case for many of them. 

But as America tries to sort through all of its feelings about what's going on, it is important that we do hear from the people in the college sports space about it.