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LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron Found Another Sport He Loves During Quarantine

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The coronavirus pandemic has left college football coaches with a luxury they don’t often have a lot: free time. Some coaches are vacationing on the beach, but for the reigning College Football Champion, LSU's head coach Ed Orgeron has decided to spend his free time in the ring. Coach O. has found another love besides football and is spending 6 hours a week training to box. He's used to coaching a title-winning football team but now he's the student in the ring.

Ed Orgeron boxing with L.J. Morvant

LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron training with L.J. Morvant 

Orgeron is turning 59 this year but his trainer, L.J. Morvant says he's pretty good at boxing. That statement means a lot coming from someone who trains some of the best boxers in the state. Morvant is a Louisiana native and LSU fan, so he says training the head coach of the national champs has been an incredible experience. An experience his kids are also grateful for as well. 

Kaitlin O'Toole is joined by Glen West from LSUCountry and SI's National College Football writer Ross Dellinger for more on this. 

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