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Financial Impact of Conference Only Games in the Big Ten

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The Big Ten’s announcement on Thursday to play only conference games this fall eliminated a slew of marquee matchups. Ohio State and Michigan are no longer heading west for games against Oregon and Washington. 

However jarring news, it’s not necessarily what the Big Ten did, but it’s how they did it. As our own Ross Dellenger reports, high-ranking administrators and even some conference commissioners were completely caught off guard, and their programs were given no real warning for such a chilling financial impact. 

Just one day after this news, The Athletics Nicole Auerbach is reporting the Pac-12 is following suit.

Kaitlin O'Toole is joined by Brendan Gulick from Buckeyes Now for more on what this means for the Big Ten and Ohio State.

Ohio State Buckeyes DB Jeffrey Okudah

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