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Joel Klatt Believes Auburn Could Be Deion Sanders' Next Coaching Job

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Deion Sanders has quickly become one of the most sought after coaches in college football as programs have already begun to move on from their current program leaders in 2022. The Jackson State coach has established himself as a strong recruiter at the HBCU school and has a 19–5 record on the field, resulting in his name being brought up in conjunction with some of the most high-profile jobs in the sport.

For Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt, Coach Prime’s logical next stop in the coaching profession is at Auburn.

“When I look at Auburn, the only way to get where they expect to be is to win some recruiting battles. And think of some of the coaches they have gotta compete with to win some of those recruiting battles. It’s going to very difficult,” Klatt said on The Next Round Monday. “To me, that’s the first and foremost criteria for your next coach at Auburn.

“Can you go into any living room in America and win recruiting battles and to me, that’s Deion Sanders. So that’s why I think Deion’s gonna be the next coach at Auburn.”