Lance Armstrong to return to cancer advocacy
July 14, 2014

Lance Armstrong wants to return to working for a cancer foundation, either with Livestrong or a new venture, USA Today Sports' Bryce Miller reports.

Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles in 2012, was removed from Livestrong a month later. He told The Des Moines Register in an interview that "'if I'm not welcome' at Livestrong, he would either start another foundation, 'which is probably the most likely scenario, or just be willing and able to help, wherever I'm asked.'"

There have been conflicting reports about Livestrong's openness to Armstrong making a return in recent months. In an Esquire story by John H. Richardson, Doug Ulman, the president of Livestrong, suggested that Armstrong could return to the foundation. "I think in some respects, he's waiting to be invited. And people here are waiting for him to express to them his authentic passion to be back," he said in the article.

But, as Miller reports:

Livestrong board chairman Jeff Garvey released a statement to the Associated Press, however, that indicated Armstrong's return to the foundation "in any capacity is not on the table."

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- Paul Palladino

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