August 10, 2015

VIENNA (AP) Former cyclist Christof Kerschbaum of Austria has been banned for life for selling doping substances to other riders from 2007-09.

The Austrian Anti-Doping Legal Committee says a lifelong suspension was its only option as Kerschbaum was banned before for using EPO.

In 2011, Kerschbaum was sentenced to two months on probation by a criminal court for the same offense. He was arrested and kept in custody for 11 days for allegedly supplying EPO and other banned performance-enhancing drugs to other riders.

He became the first athlete to go on trial since selling doping products became a criminal offense in Austria two years earlier.

Kerschbaum failed to make a mark in international cycling. He last rode for Austrian team Radclub Wels, which ended the cooperation after Kerschbaum was arrested.

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